Safe Havens launched

Published on 21 Jan 2021

This morning Mental Health Minister Roger Cook officially announced the opening of Safe Haven services at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and Kununurra Hospital.

Both Dabakan Nwowoort Koorliny Mia (the Safe Haven at RPH), and Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring (“The Safe Place” at Kununurra) will provide care for people who are experiencing mental distress, and who will benefit from care in a more calming environment. This care will serve as an alternative to emergency departments after-hours.

At the RPH Safe Haven, experienced Western Australian healthcare provider Ruah Community Services has been awarded the tender to provide lived-experience peer workers for the service. Kununurra Hospital’s The Safe Place will be staffed by a team of peer workers who are local-residents and led by a mental health professional. The connection to the local community is vital for The Safe Place. Having local residents provide support will ensure that a greater connection is made.

After-hours emergency departments will work closely with the Safe Havens to identify people who do not need intensive clinical and medical support and would benefit from care in a more calming environment.

The opening of these two Safe Havens highlights the Government’s prioritisation of person-centred, high-quality mental health care across Western Australia – in line with both the Sustainable Health Review and State Priorities 2020-2024. Providing alternatives to Emergency Departments for people with mental health, alcohol and other drug issues is a key priority area identified in the State Priorities 2020-2024.

Services at both locations are expected to commence in mid-February. Each service opening hours are included below.

RPH Safe Haven

3.30pm to 7.45pm Friday to Sunday

The Safe Place Kununurra

4pm to 9pm Wednesday to Saturday

Further information about the Safe Haven project

Safe Havens launched

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