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The Mental Health Commission is the sector leader for mental health and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) services in Western Australia, commissioning approximately $1.118 billion in community and public health services in 2021-2022.

There has been a significant shift away from commissioning activity-based community services towards a system-wide approach that, in partnership with government and non-government agencies, delivers better outcomes for consumers.

Driving this reform is a State Commissioning Strategy which has been developed by the Department of Finance in conjunction with key line agencies. In keeping with this, the Mental Health Commission has drawn up an Agency Commissioning Plan (ACP) which is a living document, outlining commissioning intentions and articulating areas of focus in response to emerging government priorities and community need.

A Commissioning Schedule which supports the ACP has also been developed, aligning the Commission’s mental health and AOD community services into program areas, and mapping out each stage of commissioning by program area. The aim of this is to provide transparency to the sector regarding critical program review timeframes, and identify opportunities for innovation and increased partnership in service delivery.

A Commissioning Framework was previously developed in 2017 to provide high-level guidance to the MHC in undertaking its commissioning responsibilities, and this Framework will be updated over the next 12 months to host the commissioning tools and templates that will embed a consistent approach in commissioning processes.

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The Plan on a page provides an overview of the principles, intentions and focus areas of the ACP at a glance.

Organisations wishing to tender for Commission's services should register their details on Tenders WA. This portal is used to advertise the Commission's tenders for its mental health and alcohol and other drugs services.


Agency Commissioning Plan 2022- 2027

Program area descriptions

Frequently asked questions - Commissioning schedule and Agency Commissioning Plan

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