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The Mental Health Commission (MHC) commissions more than $900 million of mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia and we are committed to purchasing personalised, high-quality and safe treatment and support. We have invested in a full range of services including prevention, community treatment and support, community bed-based, hospital-based and forensic services.

Commissioning is the cyclical process of planning, purchasing, managing, monitoring and evaluating services with the aim of ensuring that every available dollar is allocated in the optimal manner.

The MHC has developed a Commissioning Framework that:

  • Explains the context for mental health, alcohol and other drug services commissioning in Western Australia;
  • Further defines the concept of commissioning;
  • Articulates the objectives and principles that guide the MHC’s approach to commissioning;
  • Outlines how the MHC will approach each stage of the commissioning cycle; and
  • Addresses the interface between the MHC’s commissioning activities and those of other relevant agencies.

This Commissioning Framework will be regularly reviewed and updated in line with the Mental Health Commission’s strategic planning and service development process.

The Mental Health Commission has developed a Community Services Procurement Schedule for the procurement of mental health and alcohol and other drugs services. The Schedule maps out the MHC’s procurement timelines for its program areas over the life of the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Plan 2015-2025. The Schedule provides a transparent overview of the MHC’s procurement timelines and supports community service organisations to plan in advance for the procurement of their respective program type, or other services.

Organisations wishing to tender for MHC services should register their details on Tenders WA (www.tenders.wa.wa.gov.au).  This portal is used to advertise MHC’s tenders for its mental health and alcohol and other drugs services.

For information on the evaluation of Commission funded services and the Quality Management Framework, visit that page.

Visit the Major Projects pages for more information on key services being established.

For information about how to access mental health, drug and alcohol services, visit our Getting help page.




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