How to be Involved

Involving all stakeholders in the Mental Health Commission’s (MHC) work is essential if improvements in mental health, alcohol and other drug (AOD) outcomes are to be achieved. Involving people in the decisions that impact them is essential. Genuine and effective engagement results in services being developed and delivered in a way that meets the needs of consumers, support persons and the broader community. The Commission recognises the valuable contribution that consumers, families, carers and community members make to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of mental health, and AOD programs and services. To build and extend on the progress the Commission has made in recent years with involving consumers, families, carers and community members as part of its core business and decision making processes, the Mental Health Commission invites you to be involved.

The Mental Health Commission is pleased to launch Stakeholder Connect as the primary communication tool for engagement opportunities. Stakeholder Connect is a new online platform designed to streamline engagement and ensure that a broad range of stakeholders including those outside the mental health and Alcohol and other Drug sectors, are informed about opportunities and can register their interest for getting involved in the work of the Commission.

To support our growing commitment to lived experience representation across a wide variety of mental health and alcohol and other drug planning and co-design projects, we invite you to get connected and subscribe to Stakeholder Connect. We are keen to know something about you, your interests and experiences so we can best match you to specific engagement opportunities when they arise. The registration process includes 17 questions however only 3 are mandatory, so please only share what you are comfortable with.

If you would like to know more about being a lived Experience representative or have any questions regarding Stakeholder Connect then please contact us at

Mental Health Network

Another great opportunity to be involved is through the Mental Health Network. The Mental Health Network is an independent entity that operates under the governance of and with the support of the Commission.  Membership registration is open to all. As a member you will be informed of opportunities to get involved, attend networking events, participate in consultations, and other items relevant to your areas of interest. For more information, please visit the Mental Health Network page here.



Mental Health Network

Peak Bodies, Advocacy Organisations and External Community Supports

The Mental Health Commission collaborates with peak bodies and advocacy organisations in the development of policy and best practice and invites you to learn more about these organisations by clicking the links below: 


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