About us

Western Australians lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Mental Health Commission is working to establish mental health, alcohol and other drug systems that meet the needs of Western Australia’s population and deliver quality outcomes for individuals and their families.

The Commission was established on 8 March 2010 to lead mental health reform throughout the State and work towards a modern effective mental health system that places the individual and their recovery at the centre of its focus. The Commission was created initially by transferring existing resources of the Mental Health Division of the Department of Health.

On 1 July 2015, the Mental Health Commission and the Drug and Alcohol Office amalgamated, establishing an integrated approach to mental health and alcohol and other drugs service delivery for Western Australia. The merger recognises that commonly, drug and alcohol and mental health problems co-exist. Studies estimate that at least 30% to 50% of people with mental health or alcohol or other drug problems have co-occurring problems.

We do not provide direct mental health services, but purchase services for the State from a range of providers including public Health Service Providers, a wide range of non-government organisations and private service providers. Since the amalgamation we are also responsible for the network of drug and alcohol treatment services and programs formerly provided or purchased by the Drug and Alcohol Office. The governance of mental health services provided by public Health Service Providers is outlined here.

We are guided by the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025, which sets out the optimal mix and level of mental health, alcohol and other drug services required for the people of Western Australia.

For more information about our role see our Annual Reports or the Our services pages.

Our Vision

Western Australians lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Leading and transforming mental health and alcohol and other drugs systems that empower people in health and wellbeing.

Our Values

We are:

Respecting individuals and culture

  • We promote respect and strive for equality for everyone.
  • We work to reduce the incidence and negative impacts of stigma.
  • We encourage diversity.

Engaged and accountable

  • We support engagement and participation at all levels.
  • We take accountability for our commitments and actions and expect no less of others.
  • We listen deeply, are reflective and open to feedback.

Leading with courage

  • We communicate honestly and compassionately.
  • We champion change to advance progress that is in the best interests of the community.
  • We speak up, for ourselves and for others, when we see something that does not seem right.

Keeping integrity at our core

  • We use evidence to inform our decisions which are fair and ethical.
  • We continue to research, learn and grow to deliver best practice.
  • We are open, honest and trustworthy.

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