Mental Health Network

Mental Health Network


The Mental Health Network is an independent entity that operates under the governance of and with the support of the Mental Health Commission. The Mental Health Network was jointly sponsored by the Mental Health Commission and the Department of Health as of its launch in October 2014, however from July 2021 has fallen under the full sponsorship of the Mental Health Commission.

The Mental Health Network supports the implementation of the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025, aligns workplans to the WA State Priorities 2020-2024 and also identifies and informs emerging needs of the mental health sector in Western Australia.

The Mental Health Network structure includes nine Networks with particular areas of expertise and is led by Executive Manager Mental Health Networks. The Mental Health Commission, in partnership with the Network Steering Committee Co-Chairs, continues to implement recommendations arising from a Governance and Strategic Alignment Project (Project) to ensure that the Mental Health Network is optimally positioned and equipped to contribute to the successful delivery of the Western Australian mental health and alcohol and other drug priorities. More information on the Project can be found here.


To stay connected to the work of the Mental Health Commission and the Mental Health Network, we welcome you to sign up to Stakeholder Connect. Stakeholder Connect is designed to streamline engagement and ensure that a broad range of stakeholders including those outside the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors are informed about opportunities and can register their interest for getting involved in the work of the Commission. Subscribers are invited to identify areas of interest/experience (e.g. Eating Disorders, Forensic etc.) so that they receive tailored information, updates and opportunities.

For more information or to subscribe, please click here.  

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