The Plan 2015 - 2025

The Plan Update 2018

The Mental Health Commission is pleased to provide the draft Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 (Plan) Update 2018 (Plan Update 2018).

The draft Plan Update 2018 is the first scheduled remodelling of the optimal level and mix of services for Western Australian mental health and alcohol and other drug (AOD) services as outlined in the Plan. While the estimated optimal mix and levels of service have been revised, the Plan remains the primary reference for mental health and AOD services development, particularly as it relates to strategic priorities.

In line with the Plan, the draft Plan Update 2018 provides updated modelling of service types, levels and locations required in Western Australia until the end of 2025, including the addition of the East Metropolitan Health Service for the first time. The draft Plan Update 2018 also provides a summary of progress towards actions highlighted in the Plan.

Responses to the community feedback process will inform the further refinement of the draft Plan Update 2018 by the Commission, prior to its finalisation and release.

Please ensure you submit your comments prior to the closing date of 5pm, Tuesday, 9 April 2019. Your submission will not be made publicly available. However, please note that while submissions are treated as confidential, any written information held at the Mental Health Commission is subject to the Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992.

Due to the anticipated number of submissions, the Commission will not be providing a direct response to any queries received.

A guide on how to provide feedback is available here.

Feedback can be provided:

By Telephone:

If you would like to provide your feedback as a voice message, up to a maximum of five minutes, please call the Commission on (08) 6553 0238.

By Mail: 

Please send the written response to: 
Plan Update Team
Draft Plan Update 2018
Planning, Policy and Strategy
Mental Health Commission
GPO Box X2299
Perth Business Centre WA 6847

In person:

Your feedback can be provided to: Mental Health Commission Reception, Level 1, 1 Nash Street, Perth

Please provide you feedback in an envelope titled:
Draft Plan Update 2018 Feedback
Attn: Plan Update Team

By email:

Feedback can be emailed in Microsoft Word, PDF or email format to


The Plan

The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 (the Plan) is the Mental Health Commission’s key planning tool for the mental health, alcohol and other drug sector.

The Plan was developed through an extensive consultation process with stakeholders across the sector and outlines how we can all work together to achieve an optimal level of services for both mental health and alcohol and other drug services.

 The Plan provides a range of options for investment decisions and priority setting for all levels of Government and non-Government stakeholders, based on the optimal mix of mental health, alcohol and other drug services required for the population of Western Australia, and subject to regular budgetary processes.

Implementation of action items within the Plan is dependent on the financial capacity of both the State and the wider mental health, AOD sectors. The Plan is a road map to guide investment.

A considerable amount of work has been undertaken across the Mental Health Commission and the mental health, alcohol and other drug sectors to meet the goals of the Plan and to support the people of Western Australia. Key Achievements 2015-2017 outlines key initiatives undertaken over the past two years to meet the objectives outlined in the Plan.


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