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Involving all stakeholders in the Mental Health Commission’s work is essential if improvements in mental health, alcohol and other drug outcomes are to be achieved.

Involving people in the decisions that impact them is essential. Genuine and effective engagement results in services being developed and delivered in a way that meets the needs of consumers, support persons and the broader community. The Commission recognises the valuable contribution that consumers, families, carers and community members make to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of mental health, and alcohol and other drug programs and services.

To build and extend on the progress the Commission has made in recent years with involving consumers, families, carers and community members as part of its core business and decision making processes, the Mental Health Commission invites you to be involved.

The Mental Health Commission has developed an overarching Stakeholder and Partnership Engagement Framework (Framework) founded on the co-designed Working Together: Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Engagement Framework 2018 – 2025

As part of this work, a number of internal actions and initiatives have been developed to strengthen a culture of engagement at the Mental Health Commission and encourage quality engagement across the sector. One of the key initiatives of the Framework is the development of Stakeholder Connect.

The full suite of documentation, including our Paid Participation Policy, an overview of the Stakeholder and Partnership Engagement Framework including information on Stakeholder Connect is available here.

Peer Workforce Project

The Mental Health Commission is partnering with key stakeholders to deliver a Peer Workforce Project aimed at guiding the development of a thriving state-wide consumer, family and carer peer workforce across the mental health (including suicide prevention) and alcohol and other drug sectors. To find out more about the project, please click here.


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