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Sector governance

Following the March 2020 release of the Review of the Clinical Governance of Public Mental Health Services in Western Australia (Clinical Governance Review) new governance arrangements were announced for mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia.

The Mental Health Executive Committee (MHEC), which relates to the public mental health system, and the Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Council (CMC), which relates to the community mental health sector, were established to bring the sector together and strengthen links between community services representatives and Mental Health Commission policy, planning and commissioning.

Also as part of the new governance structure, the position of Chief Medical Officer, Mental Health (CMOMH) was created to assist in strengthening the Commission's leadership role across the sector. The CMOMH also plays a key role in the MHEC and CMC.

The current Mental Health and AOD system wide governance structure is now available.

Mental Health Executive Committee

The Mental Health Executive Committee (MHEC) is chaired by the Mental Health Commissioner and for the first time, brings together Health Service Provider chief executives, along with the Director General of the Department of Health, to help strengthen integration and accountability within and across the public hospital system.

The Committee focuses on improving partnerships, particularly with the community sector, and on strengthening consumer focused care to ensure that lived experience is central to mental health and AOD policy development and service delivery.

The Mental Health Leads Sub-Committee (MHLS) is a sub-committee of the MHEC designed to assist the MHEC to lead the continuous development of a mental health and AOD system that is efficient, sustainable, evidence based, recovery focussed, co-designed, person centred and integrated. The MHLS is chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, Mental Health.

Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Council

The Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Council (CMC) was formed to further strengthen collaboration between the community services sector, government, and consumers, carers and families.

Chaired by the Mental Health Commissioner, the CMC contributes to the reform of the Western Australian mental health and AOD system by providing high level leadership and ensuring lived experience is central to policy development and service delivery, complementing the work of the Mental Health Executive Committee.

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