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Systems evaluations and data

High quality information is important to the effective management of the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors.

The Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation team at the Commission manage the collection of data for the:

  • Mental Health Non-Government Organisation State Data Collection (NGOE SDC)
  • Service Information Management System (SIMS)

These systems provide data for contract acquittal and/or national reporting requirements. The aim for each system is to:

  • Improve consistency and quality of data
  • Consolidate data reporting procedures (where possible) to reduce the burden
  • Streamline the reporting process
  • Meet contract and national reporting requirements

These systems will routinely be evaluated to assist the Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation team determine:

  • how well the systems are meeting the end user needs
  • future directions for any developments

The following reports relate to system evaluations and data and are aimed at keeping agencies abreast of the information development initiatives:

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