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Here For You is a statewide confidential, non-judgemental, telephone service for anyone in Western Australia concerned about their own or another person’s mental health issues and/or alcohol and other drug use.

Here For You counsellors and peer practitioners will:

  • listen to what is going on for you or the person you care about
  • provide emotional support
  • provide information about alcohol and other drugs, mental health and well-being
  • explore coping and relapse prevention strategies
  • discuss options and provide information about local services and other resources that can provide ongoing treatment and support
  • provide support for service providers and clinical teams seeking system navigation and information to facilitate support for clients.

Contact us

Phone: 1800here4u

(1800 437 348

Hours: 7am – 10pm, 7 days a week


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What happens when I call Here For You?

When you call Here For You on 1800Here4U (1800 437 348), you will speak confidentially with a qualified counsellor or professional peer practitioner based in WA. Peer practitioners have a Lived Experience of alcohol and other drug use and/or mental health issues and recovery and are trained to use their experiences to support individuals living with similar issues.

It's okay if you are feeling nervous. Usually, the experienced team member will begin by introducing themselves, but you can remain anonymous if you like. Our team can provide you with some immediate support and will assist you with a list of services that you can get more help from, or help you find someone close to you who can support you. Sometimes our team will offer a follow up call or encourage you to call again if you need future help.

The Client Charter outlines the rights and responsibilities of people who use the services provided by the Alcohol and Drug Support Service.

What do people think of Here For You?

Since Here For You launched in March 2022, we’ve had a number of good reviews from people all over WA. Some callers have said: 

“I had spoken with a lived experience peer worker earlier in the day, who I must add was brilliant. I felt heard, understood and connected with, as well as validated. I am very appreciative for the service provided and for the other call takers I have spoken with!”

“Great call from Here For You again. I felt heard and supported on a rough day thanks to the peer practitioner and other two counsellors I have spoken to. Top notch service, mood was much improved from the call afterwards.”

“I can't express how much this service meant to me at the time... When you feel like you have nobody to talk to and you're at rock bottom it's priceless. Thank you all.”

What are your rights and responsibilities when using a helpline like Here For You?

The Client Charter outlines the rights and responsibilities of people who use services provided by the Alcohol and Drug Support Service, including Here For You.

Are you a health professional with a client who needs extra support?

Our team is Here For You.

Here For You offers a call-back service for clients who:

  • require extra support in addition to your service’s waitlist management support process
  • require after hours mental health and/or alcohol and other drug support while engaged with your service, during high-risk times
  • are socially or geographically isolated
  • do not have the capacity or resources to contact the service themselves.

Please see the Call-back request form for more information and to arrange call-back support. Referrals will only be accepted with the consent of your client.

Can I order resources from Here For You?

Here For You promotional resources can be ordered via the Resource Order Form.

How do I provide feedback  to Here For You?

If you would like to provide feedback on your contact with our service you have two options:

  1. Complete our online Compliments and Complaints form or download a copy of the Compliments and Complaints form, print and return via post or email.
  2. Complete our online survey about your experience.

Is there a Here For You Confidentiality Statement?

Here For You is a confidential service. However, if we are concerned about your safety or the safety of another person (including a child), our duty of care will override confidentiality.

Information or data collected during the call will be stored in a secure database to assist us with improving our service and ensuring all callers receive a high standard of support.
Identifying information will only be collected if you give us your permission to do so. All other de-identified information collected by the service is for accountability and service improvement purposes only.

If you would like to know more, please speak with the team member who answers your call.

Find more FAQs

Find out more about calling a helpline.  

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