Residential services for alcohol and other drugs

Residential treatment services provide specialist treatment, advice and support for people to deal with alcohol and other drug problems.

All residential treatment services for alcohol and other drugs are voluntary.

To find alcohol and other drug services near you, visit the My Services online directory.

For Youth mental health services and alcohol and drug support, visit the youth information page here. 

Withdrawal services

Withdrawal services provide a safe and supportive environment to help you withdraw from alcohol and drug dependence. The services are confidential and most are free. Many also offer a range of other supports to help promote recovery after withdrawal.

Most of the services will accept self-referral.  For information about referral to the Next Step Inpatient Unit please visit that web page.

To find a withdrawal service, you can search for 'withdrawal' in the My Services online directory. Search by your own location first, or 'Restart' your search and search for services in a major town or city. Specialised residential withdrawal services are available in various locations in the Perth metropolitan area and Pilbara (Turner River).

If you are seeking to withdraw from alcohol or other drugs you can also contact your local Community Alcohol and Drug Service or your GP for advice. 

You can ring the Alcohol and Drug Support Line at any time for personal advice.

Residential rehabilitation services

Residential rehabilitation allows people to live-in while they complete a program that supports them to deal with drug and alcohol problems. Residential rehabilitation is voluntary.

The programs may provide individual and group therapy, counselling, education and art and recreation activities. 

The average length of stay is 12-16 weeks but some people stay for more than 12 months.

You can self-refer to these services. The entry process can take up to four months. Learn more about access and entry to residential alcohol and other drug services.

To find a residential rehabilitation service, please search in the My Services online directory. Search by your own location first, or 'Restart' your search and search for services in a major town or city. Residential rehabilitation services are available in every region of Western Australia.

Transition services

Some people may require additional support to transition to the community, following residential treatment for alcohol and other drug use.

The Transition Housing and Support Program (THASP) provides community based, transitional accommodation for people exiting residential alcohol and drug treatment programs. In reach support is available to clients to assist with personal recovery and relapse prevention.

For information about services available near you, contact your nearest Community Alcohol and Drug Service, residential rehabilitation service or search for 'transition' or 'THASP' in the My Services online directory.

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