Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Board

The purpose of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board (AODAB) is to provide advice to the Mental Health Commissioner (the Commissioner) about matters relevant to section 11 functions of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Act 1974.

The functions of the AODAB are to:

  • inform itself of emerging issues and trends related to the Alcohol and Drug Sector in Western Australia, Nationally and Internationally;
  • provide advice on the treatment, management, care and rehabilitation of persons experiencing alcohol or other drug use problems and co-occurring health issues, including persons who have or may have a mental illness;
  • provide advice on the promotion and subsidising of research and education on the causation, prevention, reduction and treatment of alcohol and other drug use problems and co-occurring health issues such as mental illness;
  • work in collaboration with the Mental Health Advisory Council (MHAC) to achieve a coordinated focus on alcohol and other drug use issues and mental illness;
  • consider evidence and stakeholder views when providing advice on contemporary policies, practices, programs and initiatives; and
  • review and provide advice on any matter referred to them by the Commissioner related to the alcohol and drug sector.

Members are appointed because of their experience, knowledge, interest and expertise.

  • Members of the AODAB are not appointed to represent particular organisations or professions.
  • To ensure the advice provided is considerate of the diverse perspectives and experience in the sector it is likely that the AODAB members would have expertise in the following areas:

    - The community alcohol and drug sector;
    - Aboriginal alcohol and drug issues;
    - Prevention;
    - Public health;
    - Chapter of Addiction Medicine clinical expert;
    - Academia and research; and
    - Law enforcement 

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