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Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives

Integrated Services Consumer Committee
The Commission’s AOD treatment service, Next Step Drug and Alcohol Service, partners with non-government AOD agencies including Mission Australia, Palmerston, Cyrenian and Holyoake, to deliver Integrated Services for AOD clients throughout the metropolitan Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS). A key governance committee is the Integrated Services Consumer Committee (ISCC). The ISCC is co-chaired by a consumer and includes consumer representatives from across the Integrated Services. The committee ensures that Integrated Services are responsive to consumer needs and encouraging effective consumer participation in service development and delivery. The ISCC provides input into policy, planning, implementation, workforce development, evaluation and service delivery activities that affect the lives of AOD consumers.

To find out more about the Integrated Service Consumer Committee you can:

AOD Consumer Representative Training
ISCC has designed training for CADS and Next Step consumers who want to increase their skills and knowledge about consumer engagement. The one day free training supports consumers to:

  • understand the role and responsibilities of a consumer representative
  • understand the integrated services and the various partnerships that facilitate them, as well as the services broadly available within the alcohol and other drug sector
  • learn about dealing with stigma and triggers that may arise in the course of consumer engagement and participation
  • learn about the type of participation and engagement that consumers representatives may be involved in as well as how to be prepared
  • learn about future opportunities for consumers who want to be more engaged and aspire to be future consumer advisors, as well as how to respond to expressions of interest

To find out more about the training and when the next session is being run email aodconsumercommittee@mhc.wa.gov.au

Alcohol and Other Drug Consumer & Community Coalition
In July 2018 a newly incorporated organisation was established – the Alcohol and Other Drug Consumer & Community Coalition, (AODCCC). The purpose of the AODCCC is to promote the interests, education and welfare of those affected by alcohol and other drug use.

This coalition is a first in Western Australia and aims to ensure shared needs and interests of AOD consumers are integrated at the service and system level.

More information about the AODCCC, including membership, can be found through their website here.

Enquiries may be directed by email info@aodccc.org or on their Facebook page.

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