Editorial Policy

The Mental Health Commission (Commission) aims to provide accurate, impartial, well-balanced information. This editorial policy explains how we select and review the editorial content and tools you see on our site, social media channels and newsletters.

The Commission is committed to providing the public with accurate information. The Commission has a dedicated Communications team who are responsible for content selection, development and maintenance process of all marketing collateral including the website and our social media channels.

For content to be considered for inclusion on our website, social media channels or newsletter(s) please contact communications@mhc.wa.gov.au

For content to be included on our website, social media channels or in our newsletter(s) it must meet one or all of the following criteria:

  • Be relevant and include important information of value to the Western Australian community regarding mental health or alcohol or other drugs.
  • Articles can relate to Mental Health Commission news and outcomes; funding opportunities; events; and significant industry announcements.
  • The website(s) and newsletter(s) are a factual information source only.
  • The Mental Health Commission, as a Government agency, cannot endorse commercial products, businesses or individuals.
  • The Mental Health Commission does not publish advertisements for organisations or individuals, paid or otherwise.
  • The Mental Health Commission does not accept submissions from outside Australia.
  • The Mental Health Commission will not publish material that will bring, or is likely to bring the Western Australian government or the Commission into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule.

Preference will be given to third parties who have a contracting relationship with the Mental Health Commission.

The Mental Health Commission has the right to refuse any request for content inclusion.


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