Diversion support programs

The Mental Health Commission provides a range of alcohol and other drug and mental health diversion programs. These include court, police and other tailored diversion programs. These programs provide support opportunities for people apprehended by Police, appearing in courts, or who have an alcohol interlock condition on their driver’s licence. The programs refer them to specialist alcohol and other drug or mental health treatment services in the community.

Court diversion:

Police diversion:

Juvenile Diversion:

Alcohol Interlock Scheme:

Please note that the Drug Court is managed by the Department of the Attorney General (DotAG) and operates in the Perth Magistrates Court.  Please see the DoJ website for details.

Booking Service 

To make a booking for:

  • Cannabis Intervention Session (CIS)
  • Other Drug Intervention Session (ODIS)
  • Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Session

1800 722 362

7:00am - 7:00pm, daily 

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