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The Mental Health Network holds yearly Open Days. The Mental Health Network’s page will be updated in the coming months to provide details on the Open Day planned for 2020. Please revisit this page or register your interest by joining the Mental Health Network here and receiving quarterly e-newsletters.

The Mental Health Network held an Open Day on 26 February 2019.

The Hon Roger Cook, Minister for Mental Health attended and opened the event.
The Open Day provided the opportunity for current and future members to come together to celebrate the achievements of the Mental Health Network, reflect on the journey so far and move forward with renewed focus on improving outcomes for people with mental health issues.

The Open Day provided an opportunity for current and future members to:

  • Engage in the work of the Mental Health Network;
  • Learn about reform developments the   Mental Health Network may engage with in 2019 and beyond;
  • Consider priority areas of focus for the Mental Health Network into the future;
  • Be informed of enhancements to the Mental Health Network and opportunities for engagement; and
  • Participation in a workshop focussing on service integration – What is it and how can we do it better?

A workshop report has been drafted, which provides a summary of the common themes collected from the Open Day.  This report captures the common themes and summarised responses of the workshop participants only and does not include all of the detailed comments and statements captured on the day. The MHN Co-Leads will be utilising the detailed commentaries of the workshop to influence and support future initiatives of the MHN.


Mental Health Network Review

Following the governance transfer of the Mental Health Network from the Department of Health to the Mental Health Commission, in 2017, the Mental Health Commission initiated a review of the Mental Health Network (the Review) to inform new arrangements to be established by the Mental Health Commission.

The aim of the Review was to examine current Mental Health Network structure and function, thereby identifying ways to optimise the role of the Mental Health Network and its overarching goal to support collaboration, reform and innovation across the mental health sector.

The Review was undertaken via two online surveys to seek direct feedback from relevant stakeholders, including: Network Steering Committee members; Mental Health Network Executive Advisory Group members; Network Sponsors; and relevant Department of Health staff. The Mental Health Commission also conducted face to face meetings with key stakeholders to elicit feedback regarding the efficacy and best practice of the Mental Health Network.

The Review identified five key themes:

  • Theme One: Consumer, family and carer engagement;
  • Theme Two: Leadership, purpose and governance of the Mental Health Network;
  • Theme Three: Communications and processes;
  • Theme Four: Resourcing and support; and
  • Theme Five: Opportunity to influence and showcasing successes.

To address these key themes, clear recommendations have been identified and will be completed by the Mental Health Commission, in consultation with the Mental Health Network Co-Leads and key stakeholders.

The Mental Health Network secures its own distinctive logo and independent branding

The Mental Health Network can be identified by its distinct logo and branding, which is included on all newsletters, correspondence and Mental Health Network business.

The rationale behind the logo, as conveyed by the designer and supported by the Mental Health Network, is that the logo forms a layered circular motion representative of the sharing of knowledge and of continuous improvement. The intertwining colours are representative of reinforcing the values and ideals of the Mental Health Network. And finally, the space within the circle acts as a window to the future with focus.

In addition, there are the four icons that accompany the logo, to describe the role and purpose of the Mental Health Network:

  • Engage: Establish meaningful connections
  • Learn: Gain, acquire and share knowledge
  • Inform: Provide independent and informed advice
  • Improve: Improve outcomes for people with mental health issues

The logo and branding was designed in consultation with the Mental Health Network
Co-Leads, the Executive Advisory Group members and Network Steering Committee

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