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Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce Project

Peer workers have the potential to significantly benefit the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors by improving outcomes and cultures of service. To support this, the Mental Health Commission, in partnership with key sector stakeholders, is undertaking the Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce Project (Project).

The co-designed Project aims to guide the development of a thriving state-wide consumer, family and carer Lived Experience (Peer) workforce across the mental health (including suicide prevention) and alcohol and other drug sectors. 

This Project supports the following strategic directions outlined in the WA State Priorities Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs 2020 – 2024 and Workforce Strategic Framework regarding co-designing:

  • strategies to build the capacity of the peer workforce across the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors; and
  • a peer workforce framework.

The Project will be informed by existing work including peer workforce reports, studies and guidelines and aims to be consistent with the National Lived Experience Peer Workforce Guidelines (released mid-2021). The final outcome of the Project, including a Framework and strategies to build capacity of the Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce, will be tailored to a WA context, ensuring the perspective and intricacies of both the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors are reflected.

Whilst initial scoping of the project took place early in 2021 across four meetings with the Peer Champions Community of Practice and seven key sector stakeholders, the project was formally initiated in June. The Project will be governed by a Project Steering Committee who will guide the work being undertaken. To inform the work of the Project, the Mental Health Commission Project Team has established two key stakeholder advisory groups including a Peer Practice Expert Group (PPEG) and a Sector Reference Group (SRG).

Regular communique will be made available on this page to provide mid-Project updates.   

For more information contact the Project Team at engagement@mhc.wa.gov.au

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