Freedom of Information

The Mental Health Commission, in relation to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 aims to support applications made to the Commission through Freedom of Information (FOI) processes. For specific information on the Commission’s FOI process or to make an application, contact the FOI Coordinator as follows:

Addressed to:

In Person:

Via Email:

FOI Coordinator
Mental Health Commission
PO BOX x2299
PERTH, Western Australia, 6847

Attn: FOI Coordinator
Mental Health Commission
Level 1, 1 Nash Street

Attn: FOI Coordinator



Making an application

  • Fill in the FOI Application Form and provide as much information as possible (including the application fee if applicable)
  • Identify or describe the documents concerned, or if you apply for amendment of personal information about yourself you must provide details to show how or why the agency’s records are inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading; If you ask for “everything” on a particular subject, the agency may help you narrow the scope of your application to ensure that the work involved is reasonable. Otherwise an agency may refuse to deal with your application.
  • Give an address in Australia where notices can be sent. If possible, include your telephone number/fax number/email address as this will help the agency to contact you if necessary, to assist in your application being dealt with efficiently.
  • Pay an application fee of A$30 if the documents contain non-personal information. No fee is payable for access to personal information about yourself. The application fee should be attached to the written application.


Seeking Information

The Mental Health Commission may not have the information you are seeking. Should you wish to request documents that relate to medical or clinical services or personal health information under Freedom of Information you should contact the service provider or health service directly. 

Information Statement

If you need guidance on what documents to request, the Mental Health Commission's Information Statement outlines our services and the kinds of documents we hold to assist you in your application.

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