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Community Services Procurement Schedule

The Mental Health Commission (MHC) has developed a Community Services Procurement Schedule for the procurement of mental health and alcohol and other drugs services.

We’re working to make things clearer for our stakeholders, by setting out when different types of services will be procured.

Aligning services to program types and providing an indication of when they will be reviewed, procured and contracted – will make it easier for everybody.

This alignment is consistent with the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs Services Plan 2015-2025 (the Plan) streams of Community Treatment, Community Bed Based, Community Support and Community Prevention. The Schedule lists the program areas relative to the four streams.

Currently more than 100 non-government organisations provide mental health and alcohol and other drugs services on the MHC’s behalf to the community.

The Schedule maps out the MHC’s procurement timelines over the life of the Plan.

The Schedule also provides a transparent overview of the MHC’s future procurement timeframes and enables non-government organisations to plan in advance for the procurement of their respective program area services, plan for tendering for other services, or collaborate with other service providers in procurement planning for new service opportunities.

The MHC has commenced the process to vary existing contracts to align service agreement program areas and to extend current service agreements with the Schedule. The Schedule started being implemented from 28 February 2018.

If your organisation is currently contracted by the MHC to provide services, you can contact your Contract Manager for more information about how you may be affected. All current service agreements will continue, subject to normal MHC processes.

Otherwise, for more information, call 6553 0600.

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