World Kindness Day - 13 November 2022

Published on 10 Nov 2022

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13 November and provides us with the opportunity to reflect on, celebrate and promote the positive actions all around us that contribute to a culture of kindness.

Let’s make kindness the norm - being kind to ourselves and one another are important elements in maintaining our health and wellbeing.

World Kindness Day is a great day to begin building a new routine that includes intentional moments of kindness, laughter and delight. And taking a moment to enjoy and recognise when those things are happening. 

Kindness starts with one. One smile. One compliment. One cup of coffee. One conversation.

Take part in some World Kindness Day activities or events by designing your own unique activity or choosing from the suggestions below:

  • Participate in intentional acts of kindness such as buying someone a coffee or complimenting a colleague and encourage others to do the same.
  • Share a book that you enjoyed with a loved one.
  • Send a thank you text, email or letter to a colleague, friend or family member who makes your day a little brighter.
  • Write a positive review for a small business you enjoyed.

Find more ways to make kindness the norm in your daily life.

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