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Implementation of the Infant, Child and Adolescent (ICA) Taskforce Recommendations

The Final Report of the Ministerial Taskforce into Public Mental Health Services for Infants, Children and Adolescents aged 0 – 18 years in Western Australia was released in March 2022.

The Final Report provides the framework to transform the mental health system into a contemporary, evidence-informed model of service and models of care that ensures that all children and their families and carers who require mental health care can access timely and quality care that meets their needs, and is available close to where they live.

The Government is committed to implementing all 32 recommendations, and to the state-wide, system-wide reform of infant, child and adolescent mental health services. 

The scale of the reforms are wide ranging and will take several years to achieve. The report therefore recommended a phased approach to implementation. The Mental Health Commission has started working with stakeholders on the immediate and short-term actions. 

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