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Consumer, family and carer participation

The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025  recognises the importance of community engagement and the need to support consumers, families, and carers to be fully involved in co-planning, co-designing, co-delivery and co-reviewing of policies and services. The Commission recognises that consumers, their families, carers and community members are to be engaged as genuine partners at individual, service, system and strategic levels across Western Australia.

The Commission collaborates with peak bodies and advocacy organisations in the development of policy and best practice including: 

Consumers of Mental Health WA 
Carers WA
Helping Minds 
Mental Health Matters 2 
The Alcohol and Other Drug Consumer and Community Coalition  
Health Consumers Council WA
Western Australian Association for Mental Health
Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies 

 Statewide Engagement Framework and Toolkit
The co-designed Working Together: Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Engagement Framework 2018 – 2025 outlines best practice principles and practices in relation to consumer, family and carer involvement in the mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors. An  accompanying Toolkit aims to provide a process to planning, developing, actioning and reviewing engagement strategies and practices in line with the five guiding principles and includes a Checklist for Effective Engagement Practices.

Paid Participation Policy
The  Commission’s Consumer, Family, Carer and Community Paid Partnership Policy affirms  our commitment to working with consumers, families and carers  and enables remuneration to be offered for participation in Commission activities.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Consumer Initiatives
More information about the Integrated Services Consumer Committee and consumer representative training can be found here. 

National Consumer, Family and Carer Engagement
More information about consumer and carer engagement at a national level can be found here. 

Consumer, Family and Carer Newsletter
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