Community support services

Community support services provide support to individuals, families and carers to help with mental health, alcohol or other drug issues.

They include mobile outreach services, drop in centres, group programs, personalised support services to enable people to remain in their home or local community, and programs for families and carers.

Alcohol and drug services will accept self-referrals. Mental health services generally require a referral from a General Practitioner, private psychiatrist or public mental health service. We recommend you check with the service you’re interested in to make sure.

To find a service, please look at the lists below:

Mental Health:

Individualised Community Living Strategy

The Individualised Community Living Strategy (ICLS) is a key Mental Health Commission initiative providing contemporary individualised supports. It can provide coordinated clinical and psychosocial supports and housing to assist people to reach their recovery goals and to live well in the community. All referrals to this program are through local area mental health services. Please refer to the guidelines for more information.

Alcohol and Other Drugs:

For Sobering up centres please visit that web page.


* These services are not funded by the Mental Health Commission.

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