Alcohol Interlock Scheme

The Alcohol Interlock Scheme (AIS) is led by the Road Safety Commission and was introduced to reduce the road safety risk posed by drink drivers, to both themselves and the wider community.

The AIS was introduced on 24 October 2016 and aims to provide separation between drinking and driving for people convicted of alcohol-related driving offences.

People convicted of alcohol related driving offences on seeking authorisation to drive, will have their licence endorsed with an interlock condition restricting their driving to vehicles fitted with an approved alcohol interlock device.

To be eligible to have the alcohol interlock condition (‘I’ condition) removed from their licence, these drivers will be required to:

  • remain on the AIS for a minimum period of time;
  • satisfactorily demonstrate the separation of their drinking and driving; and
  • comply with any requirement to participate in Alcohol Assessment and Treatment

The scheme will be administered by the Department of Transport with support from the Road Safety Commission, WA Police, Mental Health Commission and the Department of Justice.

The Mental Health Commission is the agency responsible for the Alcohol Assessment and Treatment component of the scheme.

For further information regarding the Alcohol Interlock Scheme visit the Department of Transport website or contact them via telephone on 13 11 56.

For queries regarding Alcohol Assessment and Treatment please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact the Mental Health Commission on (08) 6553 0600.

To book Alcohol Assessment and Treatment call the Booking Service on 1800 722 362.

If you would like to order Alcohol Assessment and Treatment brochures, please email to request a Resource Order Form.

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