Ways of Working with Aboriginal people

Strong Spirit Strong Mind Ways of Working (WOW) Training overview (Part 1 & 2)

This two part whole day program focuses on introducing participants to working with Aboriginal people. Anyone within the AOD and MH sectors working with Aboriginal people is encouraged to attend.

Part 1 of the training covers the exploration of Aboriginal peoples’ lives before, during and after colonisation; developing cultural competencies, understanding oppression and how to challenge it; and building a stronger future for Aboriginal peoples.

Part 2 of the training is an expansion of the topics covered in Day 1 but with a more clinical focus. There is a review of Part 1, then an introduction to Aboriginal ways of counselling; how to establish rapport (including skills rehearsal); using Aboriginal AOD models for culturally secure assessment; Strong Spirit Strong Mind Story Telling Cards and skill building activities to build confidence.

Please note that travel and accommodation are the participant’s responsibility and the two days will not be concurrent. 

Training calendar

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For more details please contact:
The Ways of Working Coordinator
Strong Spirit Strong Mind Aboriginal Programs
T: 08 6553 0230
E: sssmap@mhc.wa.gov.au

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