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Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services

Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services

We provide a range of treatment services for people experiencing problems associated with their alcohol and other drug use, as well as support for families and the Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service.

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Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug System-Wide Governance

New governance model

A new Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Council will be established to complement the Mental Health Executive Committee. Both will have consumer and carer/family representation and will be chaired by the Mental Health Commissioner.

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Lived experience

Involving people in the decisions that impact them is essential. Genuine and effective engagement results in services being developed and delivered in a way that meets the needs of consumers, support persons and the broader community. Get involved!

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Reports and resources

We have a large library of research reports, statistics and resources relating to mental health, drug and alcohol for health professionals, local government and more.

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