Mental health and you

Being mentally healthy is important. It is about being able to function well, having meaningful social connections, positive self-esteem and being able to cope with change. 

It is an important part of overall health and keeping our mind healthy is something we all do on a daily basis. 

If you don't feel right, do something about it. Learn more, put strategies in place or seek help.

A few tips for staying mentally healthy are:

  • spend time with friends and loved ones
  • talk about or express your feelings regularly
  • keep active and eat well
  • develop new skills and challenge your capabilities
  • relax and enjoy your hobbies
  • set realistic goals
  • get enough sleep
  • talk to your GP or health professional about mental health concerns
  • reduce alcohol consumption and prevent and delay illicit drug use

Sometimes mental health issues can get more serious. Visit the mental health issues or suicide prevention pages for information.

Learn More about Mental Health

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Or to talk to someone about your mental health visit the Getting help page.