Past Next Step education webinars for clinicians

Accessing and utilising the Next Step Inpatient Withdrawal Unit (30 minutes)

Benzodiazepines- Minimising Risk and Managing Dependence (48 minutes)

Buvidal Experience (60 minutes)

Cannabis Policy (45 minutes)

Ketamine (7 minutes)

Opioid use - Then & Now (44 minutes)

Novel psychoactive substances and emergency medicine - ENDA (47 minutes)

Opioids and PBS listings; Alcohol Guidelines; Public Health Policy and Substance Use (50 minutes)

Pregabalin abuse and Withdrawal Syndrome (41 minutes)

Tobacco Use Disorder, Dr Kelly Ridley (45 minutes)

Methamphetamine: The problem is crystal ... but is the solution clear? (52 minutes)

Harm Reduction in a Clinical Setting (48 minutes)

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