Links offers mental health assessment and support to young people who appear before the Children’s Court.

It comprises a clinical mental health team that is based within the Perth Children’s Court, and a team of community support coordinators who assist participants to address non-clinical issues (such as issues relating to school engagement, transport and relationships).

Any young person appearing before the Court who is suspected of having a mental health issue may be referred to Links. Anyone can make a referral, including Magistrates, defence lawyers, other welfare agencies and family members.

Young people who are referred to Links are offered a voluntary mental health assessment. The outcomes of the assessment help to guide the future management of the young person’s court proceedings and care.

Those young people assessed as having significant unmet mental health needs may be offered case management support by a Links community support worker or referred to other services for treatment and support.

Links works closely with other services and agencies that operate in the Children’s Court and is part of the Children’s Court Drug Court team.

Links Program General Enquiries:
Links Court Perth
Phone: 9218 4819 

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