About self help and peer support groups

Self help and support groups can assist you to deal with life’s challenges. You can join a group which meets regularly to encourage each other in recovery, access information and education or volunteer to support others. 

To find a self help or peer support group, visit the My Services online directoryYou can search by your own location, or 'Restart' your search and search for services in a major town or city.

If you are having trouble finding a support group that suits you, contact Connect Groups for assistance.

Examples of support groups include

  • Grow Australia
  • Activate Mental Health*
  • Bluebird*
  • Alcoholics Anonymous*
  • Narcotics Anonymous*
  • Alternatives to Suicide WA*
  • Freedom Centre (LGBTI+)

Other peer support services include:

There are many more!

To find self help information including apps, digital programs and other resources, you can visit the Head to Health website.

You can also check out our alcohol and other drug or mental health information and resources.



* These services are not funded by the Mental Health Commission.

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