Mental Health 2020 Strategic Policy

The ten year strategic policy document Mental Health 2020: Making it personal and everybody's business sets out priority areas for action and provides a framework to address these issues over the next decade. 

Mental Health 2020 is underpinned by three key directions for reform:

  1. Person centred supports and services
    The unique strengths and needs of the person experiencing mental health problems and/or mental illness are the key focus of individualised planning supports and services.
  2. Connected approaches
    Strong connections between public and private mental health services, primary health services, mainstream services, businesses, communities, individuals, families and carers help achieve best outcomes for Western Australians living with mental health problems and/or mental illness.
  3. Balanced investment
    A comprehensive and contemporary mental health system provides a full range of support and services, ranging from mental health promotion and prevention activities, through to early intervention, treatment and recovery.

These directions impact upon every aspect of the current mental health system – enhancing high quality and established treatment services, building on fledgling supports and developing innovative recovery and early intervention services where there are few or none available.

The reform directions align with state government directions to create a person focused, whole of government approach to mental health and a strengthened community sector that is well placed to deliver individualised supports and services. They are also consistent with national directions driving reform across Australia, with a strong focus on early intervention and recovery.

Mental Health 2020 focuses on nine action areas: good planning, services working together, a good home, getting help early, specific populations, justice, preventing suicide, maintaining a sustainable workforce and a high quality system.

Mental Health 2020 guides the philosophy and everyday work of the Mental Health Commission. It is further enhanced by the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025: Better Choices. Better Lives, which provides an estimate of the number and range of services required to achieve the strategic directions and outcomes outlined in Mental Health 2020.


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