Community Alcohol and Drug Services

These services are free and confidential and provide individuals and their families with alcohol and other drug treatment and support services in the community. 

Services are provided for people aged 14 years and over, their carers and their families. CADS will also provide support for families and services dealing with people younger than 14 years.

Individuals do not require a referral and can self-refer by calling or attending their nearest CADS. ’External clinicians and services can refer by completing the following form:

Fax/Email referral form

To find your nearest community alcohol and drug service, please look at the list below:


The Metropolitan Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) are provided by Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services in partnership with non-government Alcohol and Other Drug service providers. This partnership ensures an integrated service and that community needs are a priority.

Treatment and support services are also provided by Next Step's East Perth Outpatient services and the Drug and Alcohol Youth Service


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