Strategic advisory groups

Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board was established in July 2015 to provide strategic advice to the Mental Health Commissioner about the management, care and support services provided to people experiencing alcohol or other drug use problems.

This has included providing advice on alcohol as a greater risk of harm, the introduction of Secondary Supply legislation, the Methamphetamine Campaign, the implementation of the Misuse of Drugs and Psychoactive Substances legislation, working with the National “Ice” Strategy Taskforce, expansion of Detox and Rehabilitation Services, a youth project at Banksia Hill and responding to the issue of medicinal cannabis.

To contact the Board phone the Mental Health Commission on 08 6553 0600.

Mental Health Advisory Council 

Terms of Reference | Annual Report 2016-2017

The Mental Health Advisory Council (MHAC) provides strategic advice and guidance to the Mental Health Commissioner regarding major issues affecting people with mental health problems, their families and service providers.

To be able to provide balanced and confidential advice to the Commissioner, MHAC members obtain feedback from across the mental health sector, the community and the state. 

The Council works in collaboration with the Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Board to achieve a coordinated focus on mental health, alcohol and other drug use issues.

Following a period of abeyance, the MHAC reconvened in December 2019 with a new Chair and some newly appointed members.

To contact the MHAC, phone the Mental Health Commission on 08 6553 0600 or email

Mental Health Advisory Council Members

Ms Margaret Doherty – Chair

Margaret is committed to ensuring that a diversity of lived experience voices are meaningfully included in the design, delivery and evaluation of initiatives which affect them. Her values include equity, intergity and love.

Margaret was a member of the MHAC from 2011-2018.  In 2010 she founded Mental Health Matters 2 as a result of her family's experiences in the mental health, alcohol and other drug and corrective services systems.  She blends this living experience with her professional background in education, corrective services and running her own business. Margaret holds undergraduate degrees in arts and commerce and post-graduate qualifications in education and mental health.  She is a member and co-chair of a number of committees. Current co-chair roles include the National Peer Support Guidelines Development Steering Committee and the Forensic Mental Health sub-network.  Margaret was the consumer/carer representative on the Review of the Clinical Governance in Mental Health of public mental health services in WA. Margaret is also a regular panellist and keynote conference presenter. She credits her family, friends, rescue pets and sprawling garden-in-construction with helping her maintain a semblance of sanity.


Biographies for the other members are expected to be available soon.


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