Consultations open for the Youth Step Up Step Down, Youth Long-term Housing and Support Program and Youth Psychosocial Packages

Published on 31 Aug 2021

In December 2020, the Minister for Mental Health launched the Young People’s Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Use: Priorities for Action 2020-2025 (YPPA). The YPPA identifies a range of initiatives categorised as either Immediate Actions, Top Priorities or Future Steps. To support implementation of the YPPA, through the 2021 Election, the State Government committed to establishing a number of new youth services over the next four years.

To assist in the establishment of new services and prioritisation of the top priority actions for the YPPA implementation plan, over the coming months a range of consultation activities are being undertaken by the Mental Health Commission. This includes the establishment of a Youth Steering Group by the Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA) to assist in prioritising the Immediate Actions and Top Priority actions of the YPPA. The Youth Steering Group are planning a range of engagement activities, including face-to-face and virtual engagements in September 2021.

At the same time as this prioritisation work, Nous Group and YACWA are undertaking a consultation process on behalf of the Commission to inform the design and delivery of models of service for three specific youth services:

  1. Youth Step Up Step Down (SUSD) service
  2. Youth Long-term Housing and Support Program
  3. Youth Psychosocial Packages

In 2021, the State Government committed to funding all three of these new youth services through the 2021-22 Budget. More information on the project background can be found here.

Survey and written submissions

The first phase of consultations to design and deliver models of service for the three services outlined above included a written submission process in September 2021.  

Submissions have now closed.

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