Young people at the forefront with release of YPPA

Published on 16 Dec 2020

Today the Young People’s Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Use: Priorities for Action 2020-2025 was released, highlighting the government’s strong focus on supporting our young people’s wellbeing.

Minister for Mental Health Roger Cook, was joined at the launch by the Mental Health Commissioner Jennifer McGrath, key stakeholders from throughout the government and the non-government sectors, media and a diverse group of young people at the Cockburn Youth Centre.

After extensive community and stakeholder consultation, the Priorities for Action features six key strategies to better support the growing number of young people in need of mental health support. The strategies include:

  • helping us stay well;
  • supported by our family and community;
  • making it easier to find and access services that are right for us;
  • valuing that we are all unique;
  • services working together; and
  • experiencing positive and trusting relationships and best practice care.

The event included the premiere of a range of videos including an upcoming TV campaign and interviews with a range of young people with lived experience in the WA mental health, alcohol and other drug services.

The Commission would like to thank all those involved in developing the Young People’s Priorities for Action including:

  • the young people, their families and carers
  • the Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA), who played a driving role in collating the voices of young people
  • the Directors-General Steering Committee that oversaw the process;
  • the Mental Health Executive Committee and the Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Council who provided their guidance;
  • staff and volunteers from across the sector, and many others.

Read the YPPA and supporting papers, including the YACWA engagement summaries

Young people at the forefront with release of YPPA

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