Release of the Western Australian Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces Framework

Published on 27 Oct 2022

The Minister for Mental Health, and the Mental Health Commission are pleased to release the Western Australian Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces Framework.

The intent of the Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces Framework is to provide a contemporary approach to developing the Lived Experience (Peer) workforces in Western Australia (WA). It is a practical guide for building, embedding and sustaining diverse Lived Experience (Peer) workforces across the mental health, alcohol and other drugs and suicide prevention sectors. It aims to guide and maintain the development these workforces as a discipline in their own right while responding to the specific needs of WA’s population and settings.

The Framework will be supported by guiding resources including a Toolkit for Organisational Actions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lived Experience Workforce Guide and a Lived Experience (Peer) Worker Handbook, currently being developed.

The Framework is available on the Mental Health Commission’s website  and on the Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces Development website.

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Report cover: Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces Framework

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