New Safe Haven Opens at RPH

Published on 13 May 2021 by New Safe Haven Opens at RPH

The Safe Haven Dabakan Ngowoort Koorliny Mia is open, near Royal Perth Hospital.

It is a calm and quiet space and offers distressed or isolated people a safe place to speak confidentially to trained peer workers and clinicians.

It can help people avoid presenting to the emergency department.

The service is open out of hours to people needing to access mental health assistance or help with alcohol and other drug issues.

Safe Haven Dabakan Ngowoort Koorliny Mia is a safe place where you can:

  • speak confidentially;
  • attend supportive group sessions on stress tolerance
  • receive support without needing to present and wait unnecessarily in the Emergency Department.

Alternatively it is a place to come and be with others and spend your time.

No formal referral is needed to attend.

It is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 7.45pm.

Where are we?

The service is located in Victoria Square, opposite St. Mary’s Cathedral. Look for the Safe Haven sign and press the intercom on the door to enter.

Visit the Safe Haven page or download the brochure to learn more about the service.

If you have any questions for the service, please contact :

RPH Safe Haven logo

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