New Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board Chair to inform Mental Health Commission services

Published on 12 Oct 2022

Professor Steve Allsop has been appointed Chairperson of the Western Australian Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board (AODAB).

Under the leadership of the Chair, the AODAB aids the Mental Health Commission (Commission) in developing evidence-based alcohol and other drug policy and assists in the planning and commissioning of support services for Western Australians.

The AODAB identifies, advises and informs the Commission on effective and contemporary prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and rehabilitation approaches for people and their families/significant others experiencing alcohol and other drug use issues, including those with co-occurring mental health and other health issues.

This sector, specialist and expert advice is then used by the Commission to guide the procurement of services and strategies. It also assists the Commission in providing best practice responses to the challenges alcohol and other drugs can pose for families and communities across Western Australia.

In addition, the AODAB’s advice aids the Commission in developing and evaluating evidence-based services which are co-designed with consumers, family, significant others and the local community to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Mental Health Commissioner Jen McGrath today congratulated Professor Allsop on his appointment, saying he would add significant experience and knowledge to the vital work already being done by the AODAB.

“Professor Allsop brings more than 40 years’ experience to the AODAB, including practice and research in alcohol and other drug prevention, treatment, policy and service management within Government and academic positions,” Ms McGrath said.

“His commitment to preventing and reducing alcohol and drug related harm is internationally recognised, and his appointment as Board Chair will significantly benefit the work we do to improve the health and wellbeing of all Western Australians.

“We are all actively working towards a Western Australian community that experiences minimal alcohol and other drug-related harms.”

Text graphic reads: Welcome to Professor Steve Allsop

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