Mental Health Commission hospital pilot to reduce alcohol-related harm

Published on 7 Jul 2022

Two hands - left person has hand in a stop signal, person on right has a fist.

The Mental Health Commission is partnering with the East Metropolitan Health Service to pilot the Cardiff Model of Violence Prevention (Cardiff Model) to tackle alcohol-related violence.

Royal Perth Hospital has been selected to pilot the prevention model.

By gathering anonymous information in the hospital’s emergency department (ED) about alcohol use, violence and injuries, the Cardiff Model will inform multi-agency community-based strategies to address the causes of harm.

Mental Health Commissioner Jennifer McGrath said understanding where violence occurs will help empower the collaborative development of successful solutions to these problems.

“The Mental Health Commission is dedicated to its vision for the Western Australian community to experience minimal alcohol and other drug-related harms and optimal mental health,” Ms McGrath said.

“Our $3.5 million pilot of the tried and tested Cardiff Model is expected to bring benefits for all by preventing alcohol-related violence and injuries, reducing pressure on EDs and our other government services.”

Developed over 25 years by Cardiff University Violence Research Group founder and surgeon Professor Jonathan Shepherd, the Cardiff Model has been shown to effectively reduce violence by basing prevention strategies on information collected in EDs.

Professor Shepherd praised the WA Government’s decision to adopt the model which he said was also backed by academic findings in Australia.

“Public health academics in Australia undertook a thorough review of violence prevention strategies and found that the Cardiff Model is not only particularly effective in reducing alcohol-related harm, it is also cost beneficial.

“It's excellent that Western Australia has acted on this evidence and will be building the Cardiff Model into its emergency care plans.”

Established in 1997, the model is helping to prevent violence in many countries across the world, including the UK, USA, the Netherlands, South Africa and Jamaica.

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