Learn about meaningful careers in mental health

Published on 4 Jul 2023

Text graphic reads: Meaningful careers in mental health. Photo of man holding a sign which reads: Training in mental health will give you the skills to make a difference.

Have you considered a career in mental health? There is currently a high demand for workers in the sector and a wide variety of roles and study pathways are available.

Whether you are looking for a study pathway that calls for a university degree or a more hands-on vocational pathway, a range of satisfying career opportunities are available that will help you make a meaningful contribution in the mental health sector.

In Western Australia, mental health care is provided to people of all stages of life, in a range of settings through private, non-government and government services. Some roles involve prevention and health promotion in the community, while others works directly with people and families experiencing a mental health issue.

Click here to learn more about the roles available and the training pathways needed to get there.



Last updated 4 July 2023

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