EOI Lived Experience members to join the Secure Rehabilitation and Recovery Unit Model of Service Working Group

Published on 23 Aug 2023

The Mental Health Commission is developing a Statewide Model of Service for Secure Rehabilitation and Recovery Units (SRRU). In some states these are known as Secure Extended Care Units (SECU). The Model of Service will provide a guide of what all current and future SRRU in Western Australia (WA) should look like.

SRRU form part of the continuum of specialist clinical mental health services in WA. SRRU provide medium to long term high-quality, recovery focused, multidisciplinary inpatient treatment, rehabilitation and care. These services are provided in a safe, therapeutic and home-like environment. SRRU support the development of skills and strategies for managing mental health, general health, and behaviour, promoting holistic wellbeing, meaningful engagement and a connected life. The units aim to help people return to community-based rehabilitation and/or to supported or independent community living wherever possible.

To support the development of the SRRU Model of Service, we are seeking Expressions of Interest to represent the views of people with a lived or living experience on a Working Group.

We are seeking two consumer representatives, and two family, carer or significant other representatives to be part of the Working Group. This will ensure that the voices of those who have a lived experience of an inpatient treatment order and/or long-term mental health inpatient stay in hospital are represented on the Working Group.

The Working Group will provide advice and expertise to inform the development of the Model of Service.

The role and responsibilities of the four lived experience members is to:

  • safely advocate for a systemic lived experience perspective
  • provide clear advice from a lived experience perspective on issues specific to the SRRU Model of Service development, consultation and agreement process
  • participate actively and constructively in meetings
  • deliberate and respond to out of session items within the given time frame.

Learn more and apply to be a member of the Working Group.

Applications close at 5pm Wednesday 6 September 2023.



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