Consultation Report - Youth Step Up Step Down, Youth Long-term Housing and Support Program and Youth Psychosocial Packages

Published on 27 Jan 2022

In September and October 2021 Nous Group and the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA) facilitated a consultation process on behalf of the Mental Health Commission, to inform the design and delivery of three new services for young Western Australians with mental health issues:

  1. Youth Long-term Housing and Support Program;
  2. Youth Psychosocial Support Packages; and
  3. Youth Step Up/Step Down.

The consultation process included sector wide activities facilitated by Nous Group and youth specific activities facilitated by YACWA. Altogether there were 97 written submissions/surveys completed, three sector workshops with 105 participants, three sector focus groups with 34 participants and three youth specific focus groups with 25 participants.

The final Consultation Report is can be viewed here.

With the Final Consultation Report to guide us, the Mental Health Commission has begun work to develop the three models of service. The draft model of service for the Youth Psychosocial Support Packages is anticipated to be released for public comment in the coming months, followed by the Youth Long-term Housing and Support Program and then the Youth Step Up/Step Down.

If you have any questions regarding these youth services, please email us:

Report Cover reads Youth Step Up  Step Down Service, Long term housing & support program, Psychosocial Support Packages - Consultation report

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