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A new Prevention E-Learning Training Package is now available online!

Published on 10 Dec 2020

A new Prevention E-Learning Training Package is now available online!

This training aims to increase the skills and knowledge of the workforce to deliver evidence-based alcohol and other drug-focused prevention programs across Western Australia.

The online training is relevant to those working in the sector wishing to refresh their prevention skills and will act as a complementary resource for attendees who complete the two-day ‘ST275 An introduction to alcohol and other drug prevention’ program, allowing participants to go back and review content that they learnt in the two-day training. 

The package consists of five modules, four regarding prevention content and the fifth module, a short quiz to reiterate the main themes of the training and prepare the individual for the workshop.

As a part of the online training modules, the core competency framework has also been updated. The core competencies specified within this framework ‘set the scene’ for the design and implementation of relevant prevention strategies. The Framework sets out the minimum level of competencies required of staff that are responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based, effective alcohol and other drug prevention activity. Read more about the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention: Core Competency Framework here.

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