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Non Admitted Mental Health Services Evaluation

The MHC would like to increase its understanding of non-admitted public mental health services, better capturing how they work and the services provided to the Western Australian community, in order to improve the way it plans and purchases services in the future.

KPMG has been engaged to obtain an overview of non-admitted mental health services being provided by public providers across the State.

The Evaluation is aimed at determining the caseloads of different services, how they deliver services, their scope, eligibility criteria, and referral pathways. An Evaluation in this context considers where and how funding is spent and the value (services) it provides to the community.

The MHC is also interested in identifying cases of best practice that can inform future improvements to the mental health, alcohol and other drug system.


The Evaluation will capture the non-admitted mental health services in the public health system. These include all public mental health service outside of inpatient settings, and can be intensive, acute or ongoing.

It will not include:

  • services purchased by the MHC from non-government organisations or;
  • inpatient hospital settings, however it may include outpatient type services delivered at hospitals, or community mental health treatment services delivered by HSPs.
  • An assessment of staffing levels and FTE.

The Evaluation will capture an inventory of all non-admitted mental health services delivered by HSPs under their MHC Commission Service Agreement, including:

  • Their scope and objectives;
  • Eligibility criteria;
  • Referrals into and out of the services;
  • Accompanying information regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the services;
  • Examples of good practice;
  • Recommendations on how to improve the purchasing and planning for these types of services.

Outcomes and implications

The outcomes of this Evaluation will inform improvements to how non-admitted services are planned and purchased in the future.

The Evaluation will not necessarily change services or their funding levels. The aim of the Evaluation is to capture what services are currently being provided.

The aim of this Evaluation is not to consider whether individual teams, staff or programs should be affected in any material way.

Our objective is to find out what services are being provided and where, so that we can have a better understanding of how the mental health, alcohol and other drug system works.

HSP staff and consumer involvement

Each HSP has been involved in the planning of the Evaluation to date in a collaborative process and staff from relevant areas nominated by each HSP will be contacted by KMPG to participate in focus group sessions.

Helping Minds and Consumers of Mental Health WA (CoMHWA) Advisory Groups will also be contacted by KMPG to participate in focus group sessions and provide the views of consumers, carers and families.

The MHC thanks all those involved for their support.

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