About us

The Mental Health Commission is responsible for planning and purchasing mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia. We do not provide direct mental health services, but purchase services for the State from a range of providers including public Health Service Providers, a wide range of non-government organisations and private service providers.

On July 1, 2015 the Commission amalgamated with the Drug and Alcohol Office to deliver an integrated approach to helping people with mental health, drug and alcohol problems, recognising that these problems commonly coexist. The new organisation, called the Mental Health Commission, is now responsible for the network of drug and alcohol treatment services and programs formerly provided and/or purchased by the Drug and Alcohol Office.

Our Vision

A Western Australian community that experiences minimal alcohol and other drug-related harms and optimal mental health.

Our Mission

To be an effective leader of alcohol, drug and mental health commissioning, providing and partnering in the delivery of person-centred and evidence-based:

  • Prevention, promotion and early intervention programs;
  • Treatment, services and supports; and
  • Research, policy and system improvements.

Our Values

We value:

  • Respect for individuals and culture
  • Working together and supporting each other
  • Involving and engaging others
  • Ownership, transparency and accountability
  • Fair and ethical decisions
  • Improvement focus