Community Metro Alcohol and Drug Services

The Community Metro Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) provide outpatient alcohol and other drug services in the community. Next Step has partnered with non-government Alcohol and Other Drug service providers in the community to deliver an Integrated Service to the consumer and ensure community needs are a priority.

These services are free and confidential and provide individuals and their families with:

  • assessment and referral
  • counselling, case management and support
  • opiate and alcohol pharmacotherapy treatment
  • outpatient withdrawal services including home based withdrawl through Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Network (DAWN)
  • medical reviews
  • clinical psychology
  • group programs
  • support to families and significant others
  • shared care with other services 
  • diversion programs for people referred by police and the court system
  • services for young people and people referred by other agencies
  • outreach counselling services
  • support for local communities through prevention and community development activities 

Note: some of the above services are provided by Next Step's non-government partners. 

Individual do not require a referral and can self-refer by calling or attending their nearest CADS. To find your nearest community alcohol and drug service, please look at the list below:


Outpatient services are also provided by Next Step's East Perth Outpatient services

For information about the Drug and Alcohol Youth Service, please visit that page.

Information for professionals: 

External practitioners or hospitals can refer a patient by completing the form below.

Fax/Email referral form


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