WA State Priorities 2020-2024

Published on 10 Mar 2020

The Deputy Premier and Minister for Mental Health Roger Cook has today set the direction for mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Western Australia.

The WA State Priorities 2020-2024 outline the immediate priorities to reform and improve the mental health, alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector over the next four years.
The Government will focus its efforts in 29 key areas to shift to a more effective, sustainable and consumer-focused system.

These priorities have been identified as likely to have the maximum positive impact on the system and provide for further improvements in the future. They provide focus to the large number of actions in the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025.

The Mental Health Commission will lead the delivery of the Priorities in partnership with the Department of Health, Health Service Providers and non-government organisations, and in collaboration with consumers, carers, families, the primary health care sector, wider community and other agencies.

You can read more here.

WA State Priorities 2020-2024

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