New training for WA pharmacists in the provision of opioid dependence treatments

Published on 19 Jul 2023

The Community Pharmacotherapy Program has launched a new online training program for pharmacists participating in the Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy (CPOP).

In Western Australia, more than 2,000 pharmacists support patients to receive opioid pharmacotherapy in our community.

The new CPOP Pharmacist Training has been updated to account for recent changes in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which aims to improve consumer access to medicines for treatment of opioid dependence. The training also includes information relating to the provision of depot buprenorphine formulations, which will reduce the need for daily attendance at pharmacies.

The new CPOP Pharmacist Training is approved by the Department of Health’s Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch and accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council. The Mental Health Commission is proud to support our community pharmacists with this important initiative.

The CPOP Pharmacist Training can be accessed through via our online learning platform

If you have any questions about the training, contact

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