Launched: Revised AOD Diversion Program

Published on 5 Jan 2021

On 4 January 2021, the Mental Health Commission introduced a revised alcohol and other drug (AOD) Diversion Program.

The AOD Diversion Program will replace the existing Pre-Sentence Opportunity Program (POP); Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP); and Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR).

These services aim to break the cycle of AOD related offending and give participants the opportunity to address their addiction.

A transition period will ensure all existing participants complete their POP, IDP or STIR program prior to sentencing.

From 4 January, all new referrals must be via the new AOD Diversion Program

The revised AOD Diversion Program was developed by the Mental Health Commission in partnership with the Department of Justice, with strategic advice from an advisory group consisting of sector and community experts.

The new model is designed to increase efficiency and connect each participant with the most appropriate treatment service for their individual situation.

To be eligible for the program, adults (18 years and over) must:

Plead guilty;

Admit to using alcohol, illicit drugs, volatile substances, and/or illicit use of prescription medication;

Be suitably motivated to address their AOD related problems and willing to participate in AOD treatment;

Be early offenders and would expect to receive a fine, Community Based Order or an Intensive Supervision Order.

Participants can be referred by the Magistrate, a lawyer, Police, Community Corrections, themselves or family members.

A range of resources are available with more information.

For further information, please visit or contact

Revised AOD Diversion Program

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