Lived Experience (Peer) supervision course

This course focuses on the diversity in the workforces including consumer and family carer, significant other, across the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors and is aimed at those Lived Experience (Peer) workers already in the industry.

Mental Health Matters 2 has been engaged to develop and deliver this course as well as identify criterion that supports a register of Lived Experience (Peer) supervisors.

The Mental Health Matters 2 team are currently planning and co-creating this initiative with Lived Experience leaders which is really exciting.

To support the identification of criterion to support a register of Lived Experience (Peer) supervisors, a co creation gallery event is being conducted. The bright ideas gallery will facilitate three staged co creation experiences. We really need your bright ideas, so please check out the poster and email by 1 July 2024 if you match the listed criteria and are interested in attending.

Download flyer - Bright Ideas Co Creation Gallery

Download flyer - Co Creation Gallery Online

An online option will be available for regional participants.

The Supervision course will run approximately between September 2024 and March 2025, however more details will be distributed via this page and through Stakeholder Connect and peer and sector networks in due course.

To be kept up to date with what's happening, please register at

Thank you for your interest - we appreciate it!

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